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Spate Magazine Exclusive interview with Shaine Wilson

Whats up Shaine Wilson? For those new to the name who are you and what do you do?

Whats up man, I'm Shaine Wilson Heart and Soul Singer bringing something new and fresh and melodic to the music industry.

As you crafted your musicianship who are some of the people that have influenced and inspired you to be great?

I can truly say it's in my blood bro, My grandmother song back ground for Elvis Presley, My moms being a master piano player and music teacher and singer, taught us how to play instruments and sing as children...I also play several instruments from the bass, the drums, the piano to lead guitar and acoustic guitar. It's truly a gift.

You are an accomplished singer, songwriter, drummer, bass player and have had a chance to play with some of the best including Wyclef Jean and Lauren Hill. How has being a diverse musician helped your career? What have you taken away from these experiences?

Yes the members of City High, Adam Blackstone, Tye Tribbett to we all went to school together and sharpened each other. So I was a teenager growing up around all these artists that was doing big things, it was just a matter of time when my solo opportunity would come.

As a vocalist, you have a very unique soulful sound, how difficult is it to stand out in today's digital sound when you are actually bringing real music to the table?

I think the digital sound has an age limit. People that grew up in the 90's still love and respect real music and it's refreshing now to have us bring that live sound back. heart music is here to stay baby.

Lets talk about you 'Heart Music' project, what's the concept and creative approach?

I was sitting down in the studio after playing one of the songs for our Exec. Andre' Williams at Sho'l Iz Entertainment, Inc. He asked me, to play the song again, and said this has to go on the MixTape, He told me to record with no limits and do every song from the Heart. At that moment Heart Music was birthed. If I felt like singing about our struggle, our life, politics, love, God, children, having fun as long as its from the Heart. We recorded about 4 albums and decided to introduce 7 songs for the Heart Music MixTape.

You recently dropped a promo vid for 'I Do Love You', why did you decide to let the world hear that record first?

Yes, we do things like the old Motown, Quality Control Meetings, with all the artists on the label and after the meeting, My lil bros LoVe ParQ kept singing the hook. When that happens, we know it will prick the majority of peoples hearts like it did ours. Beautiful words we need to share more often. Sometimes people forget to tell the ones they care about. I Do LoVe You. So we decided to make it easier to say.

What's up next for Shaine Wilson?

We have an album release party coming up in a couple months, In the meantime, we are doing a radio station campaign and tour, we hitting a lot shows throughout the East Coast, we hitting festivals and shooting a couple of official videos the whole 9. Got The passport ready for the team so we ready to go wherever we are booked.

Where can we find you online?

Check me out at Find us on Facebook @sholizentertainment twitter instagram the whole 9...

Any last words or shout outs?

Just want to say thank you JHatch for having me and team on board with you guys, Thanks to the Indie label and Film company Sho'l Iz Entertainment, Inc. Andre' Williams, the management and promo company Silver Back Gorilla Management and Promotion Tim, Sun......Stay tuned to Shaine Wilson, LoVe ParQ,Wednesday Atoms, Renee Bethina...and remember I Do LoVe You Don't You Forget It. We out.

I do love you

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