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Gerber Life Insurance Product Review

Gerber Life insurance has some great benefits for your family. If you are not familiar with whole life insurance, I will explain it really quickly. You pay a monthly premium and pick a value. Lets say you pick $10,000 value. If anything would happen to your child you would get 10,000 for arrangements. When your child reaches 18 the value of 10,000 goes to 20,000 with no increase in premium. You also build cash value that you can take out like a bank account for your child. This is a great investment and it has a long list of advantages. Take a look for yourself. You can visit the website by using the link below.

- $5,000 to $50,000 of whole life insurance protection.
- Choose between $5,000 to $50,000 of coverage with low childhood premiums that never increase.
- Coverage automatically doubles. The Grow-Up® Plan's policy amount doubles automatically with no increase in premiums during age 18 -- guaranteed!
- Builds cash value. The Grow-Up® Plan helps protect your child or grandchild while starting a nest egg he or she can borrow from later on, as long as premiums are paid.
- Guaranteed future insurability. Your child or grandchild will have several opportunities to buy more coverage as an adult, at our standard premiums for his or her age at that time.

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