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Sonic Bids Artist Pick Kida Exclusive Interview (Sponsored by Orbitz)


So tell us a little about you.

The name's KIDA,I hail from the city of Inglewood California by way of St Louis Missouri.I've been at this industry for quite some time now,through which I can claim more successes than losses.
I've had had deals lost deals,made money spent money.But through it all I wouldn't choose any other profession.

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently we're working on 2 projects simultaneously.The first record is entitled HIStory Repeated,slated to release at the top of August.The other is called Long Story Short,release date for this project is to be determined.

With so much competition how do you stay motivated to keep doing music?

On the contrary,there isn't much competition at all *laughing*. In a non conceited fashion,I'm really just saying that I believe I have a lane that no one else can drive in,and I'm proud of it.
Most cats nowadays simply mimic whatever's popular at that moment.I simply stay motivated by staying true to my love of what I do.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
I see myself and my patna J.Peterson making some noise throughout this industry with the music WE wanna make.Bringing back the love of Hip Hop as a culture,with great music.Its gonna be something to see,mark my words.

Do you have any up and coming events you would like to plug?

Everyone please be on the look out for HIStory Repeated slated for the top of August.Shortly after,watch for Long Story Short and a plethora of other projects to follow.

How can people find you online?

Thanks for the time ,I appreciate the love.

Facebook Fanpage : Kida
Facebook:Akida Warmsley


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