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Exclusive Interview with Sonic Bids Pick- Jon Writer (Sponsored by Flight Club)

So tell us a little about you.

Well I go by the name of Jon Writer and outside of life itself, I’ve always looked up to artists like Eminem, Logic, Dizzy Wright, G-Eazy, MGK, Kid Cudi, and Wiz Khalifa (in terms of influences). I’ve been putting songs together since the age of 8. By the time I was in middle school, a friend showed me the Sound Recorder program on one of them desktop computers and I started off recording songs through that with one of them janky Logitech headphone-microphone things made for gaming, I think. . . It wasn’t until high school where my recording quality upgraded- that was when my guy Milez I met at football practice introduced me to Adobe Audition. After that I hopped on Pro Tools when I got to college and made a studio out of my dorm. I released my first two albums there under my previous stage name (“Jay Nice”) called, “Me. I Am.” and “College School-Kid”. My next project happened after graduation called “Check My Vision” and that too was under my previous stage name.

Now, under Jon Writer, I am putting out my very first album called Race Against Time and will be going on a nationwide college tour in the Fall of 2014. After a couple of my songs (“Yeah” and “Lose Your Mind” feat. Boc Sneezy) got over 40,000 hits on social media, I really felt like the time was now to travel and see the world while putting on a few dope shows! So basically as of this moment, the team and I are just gearing up for tour in the fall. All dates will be released in the summer.

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on finishing my upcoming album, Race Against Time, so that I can begin the touring process in the fall after the album releases. The tour will be called the Race Against Time Tour- which is perfect because not only does it stand for a state of life, but it spells “RATT” when you abbreviate it. Now granted it’s spelt with two “T’s”, but overall rats are generally from sewers and lower-level living. I almost feel like one because of how against the odds my life has been growing up and after starting from nothing, I’m at the cusp of seeing better days.

I’m also currently working on a music video/film called, “What I Want”. The song was Produced by Kato- one of the in-house Producers for Funk Volume (Independent Record Label)- and is being Directed by Luke Zintak and Produced by Dan Kritchevsky. Set to serve as the first of a trilogy, the music video/film will release sometime in 2014; it was originally supposed to be submitted for Funk Volumes’ 2014 Don’t Funk Up Our Beats- Contest 6 competition, but we just couldn’t fit it in the schedule to get it done in time.

With so much competition how do you stay motivated to keep doing music?

Ultimately, I don’t worry nor pay attention to what other people are doing musically (in terms of “my competitors”) because at the end of the day, I am in competition with myself and no one further. I can’t control what another person is doing or how they are using their talents- or lack their of- to obtain success. All that matters is what I do with my own talents and overall artistry, and how I manifest that too the general public that way I can continue to do what I love. If I stay on point with my own game, everything will be alright- and that’s what motivates me!

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

In 3 years I see myself still making great music with a forever growing fan base, and playing shows on the Moon while scheming out how I can book a show on Mars!

Do you have any up and coming events you would like to plug?

In terms of shows, I have a few here and there but I’m just gearing up for the Race Against Time Tour set to begin in the Fall of 2014. Other than that, I am releasing a brand new single from the upcoming album, Race Against Time, that was Produced by MoreTea called, “Like Me” featuring Mahdie Ali. You can get it on iTunes and media stores everywhere so be sure to go out and get that- show your love by spreading the music and leaving me comments on media stores about how much you love the new track!

I’d also like to take a second and shout out one of my sponsors, Rude Boy Apparel. They hooked me up and they’re holding it down from the other side of the world and that’s fresh! I’ve been in contact with other apparel sponsors and, we’ll just have to see what the rest of 2014 has in store!

How can people find you online?

Just visit my website for all the latest news. Visit and add me on Twitter at (@Jon_Writer).

-Thank You For Your Time,
Jon Writer

Flight Club

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