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Spate Magazine exclusive interview with Law (Nola Awards, Jay Electronica and more)


We got a chance to interview one of the great minds in hip hop Law. He has worked really hard over the years building the culture of hip hop in New Orleans. He has also introduced the world to one of the greatest rappers of all time Jay Electronica. From stores to major events Law has done it. Take a few minutes to get to know someone that has been making history for the past couple of years.

You do so much work for New Orleans hip hop. What are some of the new things you are currently working on?

Right now, we are working on The Creative Center, this will be a facility catered to all the young NOLA creative students in our communiteies that are interested in art, film, music production, editing, photography, videography etc. and it will be free access to all. Also, the Jay Electronica album, The Peace Tour Music Festival, my new book, "Brooklyn Stoop," and few other things.

How did the NOLA hip hop awards come about and why do you think its important for New Orleans?

Great question. NOLA HipHop Awards came from the thought of me wanting to pay homage to all the great artists that paved the way for our local artists and help developed our culture musically. I wanted to give them their just due. New Orleans music is great!! Right after that thought, it made so much sense to celebrate the local artists on the come up by awarding them for their hard word. So it became the NOLA Hiphop Awards, and within the awards show, we give out 22-25 awards and the Life Time Achievement Award each year. We are in out 5th year. It's a blessing to do this. Special thanks to the many great people, dj's, bloggers, directors that are on the panel each year and Shiny Green for hosting it.

Where do you get the motivation to keep growing as a thinker and business person because you have
done so much from books to stores etc..

I learned to light my own fire. I don't need anyone to motivate me any longer. I refused to sit around and just live. I want to be Great. I want to create a legacy. I want to pave the way for the next brother to come up and feed his family and do great things. So, by having that gift inside of me, it's so easy to get up in the morning and work hard everyday. When I open my eyes, I have already realized it's bigger than me. I do this for my people in my community. Everything else will come right after. No sweat.

Do you feel that New Orleans artists don't have the same exposure as other places?

You can say that. But we all have the internet now. Last time I checked, Atl, New York, LA, Chicago, all had the same laptops and wifi. Their are flights we all can take to different cities... Even a bus ride. The excuses are running out. It would be beautiful for the light to just shine down on our city everyday, BUT, since it doesn't, artists need to go where it's poppin. You can always come back home. Once an artist realize New Orleans is so small compared to the WORLD; they will go out there and get noticed. You can't just sit around and wait for someone to do that for you. Remember people have their own desires and dreams. Stop waiting on the next man.. like we say... Get it out the mud, and come up!

On the production side are you currently working with any artists?

I work with many artists, Meridian, Demplz and a few more. I'm mainly focused on Jay Electronica. The album will be amazing! ActII on the way.

There are a lot of producers that don't actually play instruments. Do you play any instruments?

Yes, I play keys and drums, and on a good day I can probably play a note to two on the trumpet. lol

Tell us a little bit about your store.

Traffic Boutique; the first streetwear store in New Orleans, Established on 2007. The shop was and still is the hub of New Orleans culture. So many great ideas and people have come out of the shop. It's amazing to see, right now, all the young brothers out there with well established clothing brands and making noise. Also, we are headed to Atlanta, GA. Another location in the A next month.

You have a series called X. Why did you feel those Malcolm X interviews were so important?

The X Interview (Malcolm X) - This is one the most important projects I've ever done. I feel that the younger generation doesnt know the correct information of our great leaders. So what I did was, put his interviews in audio format, with some really great music behind it, to catch their attention, and then let Malcolm's message do the rest. When I asked a young person about Malcolm X, all they remember is the image of him holding the rifle by the window; but they can't tell me why he had to have a rifle. See where I'm going?! Our history is not being taught at all. Recently, a student in NYC was told he couldn't do a black history write up on Malcolm X. Still to this day, some people are afraid of his message. So, if no one else will stand up and get our information out there, I will.. By any mean necessary!

Do you have any events coming up?

Yeah, the next events will be August Alsina album release concert, The Peace Tour Music Festival in NOLA and NYC, then the NOLA HipHop Awards.

How can people find you online?

You can hit me up at @TrafficBoutiqur or @CrackTracks on twitter, or SupremeStreet on Instagram or visit Thanks for this opportunity.

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