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Exclusive Interview with Johnnie Floss

What's up Johnnie Floss? For readers new to the name where do you rep and what do you do?

I rep Brooklyn New York and I'm a hip hop artist. I'm actually one of the best hip hop artists out now. Signed or unsigned!

You have been working on your newest mixtape offering 'On The 46' as of late. Explain the concept and what potential fans can expect to experience.

Well if you're familiar with Jennifer Lopez's career her first album was titled "On The 6" basically representing how she's from The Bronx and how she used to ride the 6 train. I thought that was dope so I flipped it and used the 46 bus to represent this project. The 46 bus is a popular bus that rides through Bed Stuy and also goes to Kings Plaza. The fans can expect some stories on this project. Being born and raised in Brooklyn a lot goes on and a lot has happened in my life that I wanna share.

Any special features or notable producers on the project?

Not many on this particular project. I kinda want people to focus on me but I do have Rhythm J as far as production and Michelle Singz. She's a Amazing singer representing The Bronx and Glory Ave

How does 'On The 46' differ from your last tape 'The Campaign' in which you dropped with Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes almost 4 years ago?

I really didn't have a lot of storytelling tracks on "The Campaign". I think that's the biggest difference with this project and I'm also addressing a few issues as well so it's also a little personal.

We know you like to keep it Brooklyn. Talk about your first single 'P.O.B.' (President of Brooklyn) and how you came up with the approach to this record.

Well P.O.B. came about because not only do I love my city but I also love my borough. Being that the 46 bus is the headline for this project it's only right that I recorded a anthem for Brooklyn. All my fellow Brooklynites are gonna love it!

I know you have a dope visual planned. When can we expect to see a video to coincide with the single?

More than likely a couple of weeks after the song drops. I want the world to see how beautiful Brooklyn is.

Where do you feel NY rap is at in the ranks of hip hop overall in today's music scene? Do you feel other regions look at us and see we are still the home of hip hop?

I definitely think New York hip hop is back. I think there's a lot of New York artists that's making it their responsibility to keep New York hip hop afloat. Dudes like Fab (Fabolous), Jada (Jadakiss), Troy Ave, and a few others are doing their thing and they always let it be known that New York hip hop is gonna be around no matter what. I do think other regions respect us because they always refer back to us when it comes to their influences and what we did for the game.

What's next on Johnnie Floss' Agenda?

Be on the lookout for that video for P.O.B. and also be on the lookout for my 2nd single called "Make Your Move". My female fans are gonna LOVE IT! As far as performances I'll be on tour with Xtreme104fm for their Xtreme Freshmen Tour so I'll be in a city near you this summer.

Where can we find you online?

It's Johnnie Floss for all social networks as far as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. My name on reverbnation is Johnniefloss247

Any last shout outs??

I gotta shout out Traxx 1st Productions, Shamtrax, J.Hatch, the whole borough of Brooklyn and.R.I.P. to Big Dale, Kenny, Traci, Brenda and Derrick. I hope I'm making y'all proud

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