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Spate Magazine Exclusive Interview with Hip Hop Artist Darq

Rapper Darq

What's good Darq? Hows the New Year treating you?

What's good Spate Magazine! Thank you for having me. The new year is treating me well so far. I'm keeping focused and keeping busy.

You had a big 2013- Award for Collab of the Year, speak on that and how it feels to get recognized for what you do.

Besides my solo career, I am part of a movement called NUNY with my BX brothers; Elus, D Dave, Bugz, Ta'Shane, Heat, Guy Fisher, and Naza. We won the award for our song, 'Ape Shit" produced by Music Mystro and it is a blessing to be recognized for all our hard work. The moment was bittersweet though, as our brother, Ta'Shane was taken too soon and its a blessing that we can accept this award and send it home to his family.

You also inked a nice situation with Live Nation, opening for Kid Ink & MGK and are scheduled to open up for hip hop royalty Freeway and Bone Thugs & Harmony, you have to be excited man! How has this whole experience with live nation helped your career?

I am excited!! I am also blessed to have this opportunity. A friend of mine who worked for Live Nation is a big fan of my music. He happened to watch my video for "R.A.W. (Risk it All Willingly)" feat Amy Davis and passed my work on to other Live Nation reps. I've been consistently booked with Live Nation events ever since. My career has just opened up man. Opening for bigger acts, on a bigger stage, in bigger venues has given me the exposure I need to gain a bigger fan base.

Now you have a new single 'Run Away' f/ Amy Davis produced by Drawzilla (Producer for Maino, Jadakiss, Styles P & More) and N.O.C. Talk about the singles concept and how you and Drawzilla hooked up.

Drawzilla and I have been running in the same circles in the underground for a long time now and him and N.O.C. blessed myself and Amy Davis with an amazing record. The Comrade Corp. sent over the beat, hook, and concept and Amy and I got to work. This record was in our lane and fit us perfectly. I hope that we brought light to their vision. The concept is a positive, powerful message about running to a better place when you feel like running to the negative. It's more about the get back then the struggle. It's a beautiful song and I think the fans will enjoy it.

When can we expect the visual for 'Run Away'?

We're hoping for a spring release. The video is currently in pre-production and is being directed by Kristian Kruz, the man who brought you the epic film for "R.A.W.(Risk it All Willingly)"- Darq feat. Amy Davis. Please keep your eye out cuz I'm sure this will be one for the books.

I Hear you and your homie from the BX Fred The Godson are cooking something up. Whats the happs on that?

The big homie Fred The Godson is featured on my new single, "I'm Ready," produced by and featuring Remo The Hitmaker. The bars are exceptional and the outcome is a Bronx anthem not to be ignored. Listen for crazy metaphors and powerful lyrics.

What else is in store for Darq in 2014?

A visual campaign with commercials, animation, videos, and Instagram promos. Also, a new album, not yet titled. It should be an epic year for Darq..keep listening.

Where can fans find you online?,,, or just shoot me an email at

Any shouts?

Shout out all the supporters and fans, everyone who purchased and downloaded the singles and albums on itunes. Shout out all the video directors, producers, and my whole team. Shout out my management Sons Of Liberty Music Group, my New York Fam, J Hatch, BYC, NUNY, Microphone Bully, Kwan Lee TV, Live Nation, and all my fans, friends, and family. Also, salute the homie Mad Mann who has been a supporter of mine from the beginning. Shout out the whole Spate Magazine family!! BX to Yonkers!!!

Buy new single feat Fred The Godson here

Darq feat Amy Davis "R.A.W" (Risk It All Willingly)

Take me away live

Opening for MGK

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