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Spate Magazine Exclusive interview with Kris Warren

Kris Warren

What's up Kris Warren? Let the readers know who you are, where you are from and what you do.

Whats good, its Kris Warren. I'm a music artist, business professional and songwriter from Chicago.

Lets talk about your new single Music is My Therapy off your new album Just My Thoughts Vol 1: Middle Class High Life. How has the response been thus far?

Beautiful. I dropped the video last summer and ever since then its been a decent grassroots organic approach. Every city I go to that is the main record people are starting to associate me with. I was focused on pushing this record along with a couple other records at the same time at first, but I kept getting feedback from this song and took it as a sign to put all my energy into the Music Is My Therapy single.

Whats the meaning behind the album title Just My Thoughts Vol 1: Middle Class High Life and What made you want to put out a free product for the public?

I touch on real scenarios from my everyday life and my other career outside of music working in Corporate America. When I say middle class I really mean it. Im not rich, I'm not poor. I represent the common man. I just happen to make music too and enjoy my life while I'm doing it. That's where the high life part comes in... In more than one way. LOL. As for sharing my music freely, I look at free product as a way of investing in marketing. The music business has start up cost just like every other business in any industry. If you open up a pizza store you give away some slices of pizza. If your food is quality then you will have repeat customers. Music is like food for the soul so if someone likes the music I put out for free they will shop with me next time around.

The single is also the title of a documentary you plan to film as well. What can we expect from the documentary, whats the basic concept?

The urban image and hip hop as a whole sometimes gets blamed for peoples negative actions; shootings, drugs, crimes etc. This documentary is definitely going to shine the light on positive influences of hip hop. There are people in this world, both young and old that utilize music for therapeutic, rehabilitation and many other medical purposes. For example, one of the Music Therapist I met with had a teenager with stressful issues bottled up inside of him. In the beginning the teenager wouldn't open up about it. She got this student to analyze the lyrics of one of his favorite music artist and he began to open up about his personal situation because he related to the lyrics. That's huge step because now the Music Therapist can share that information with the other types of therapist that may been on staff. From that point on its one step closer towards the patients goals. Another example, a guy learning how to walk in rhythm again while listening to 50 Cent's In Da Club joint. We have the data to prove it...

I noticed you add quotes at the end of your videos, what's the story on that?

After the editing of the video I watch it a few times before the final cut. Then I come up with a quote that gives a deeper look into my perspective of whatever the song is about. Like the music video I did Blow Up. Well, just check it out along with my other videos on my website and you will see what I mean.

You are also taking your songwriting very seriously by working with to place hooks and songs through their services as well. How do you feel this may help you get to your end result of being a major label recording artist?

Working with iStandard is definitely a positive move that will help my career. iStandard has already proven to get placements and I have confidence that if my product is high quality it will continue to be purchased. Nothing happens overnight though. It's all apart of the journey.

What type of advice can you provide for up and coming artists looking to follow in your footsteps?

Believe in yourself no matter what. If 100 people in a row say you are not good at something just keep perfecting your craft and do what YOU believe in. Its billions of people in the world and not everyone is going to like you as a person nor your music. So what. If you work hard enough you will eventually come across people that appreciate your music. Make the music that makes you feel good.

What else can we expect from Kris Warren in the near future?

Releasing the Music Is My Therapy documentary, more music, and a little acting. I was recently in the short film Swill that will be released later on this year.

Where can we find you online?
Twitter: @kriswarrenmusic
Facebook: Kris Warren Music
YouTube: Kris Warren Music

Any Last shout outs?

Shout out to everyone that follows their ambitions and all the indies out there that are working together to make this the industry we want.

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