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Reverbnation Artist Feature: T. Lew

T. Lew

T. Lew has the potential to be one of my favorite rappers. Catchy lines, metaphors etc.. This kid is dope. I think he has a lot of commercial appeal as well as an underground sound. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

Check the interview below

-What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on a project with my producer Kernel Sanders. He produced a few of the tracks on The preLEWde and we want to make a complete album all by ourselves. Do it all from scratch. I also am always out looking to get performances and have a couple music videos in the works. My next show is set for Dec. 15h in DC where I will be performing in a showcase that will be judged by label executives from Island Def Jam.

-What makes your sound unique?
I think what makes me unique is that I kind of keep that old school content but can rock all types of beats, whether it be a mainstream club track or old school beat. I'm real into the lyrical aspect of rap and I always try and make people think about what I am saying. Also, I'm not a thug or anything but I have definitely been through my fair share of bullshit and I think a lot of people can relate to someone like me.

-What music are you listening too?
I mean of course I am bumping the Marshall Mathers LP 2 which had me going back and listening to all the old Eminem tracks. I've had the Infinite joint playing in my car all week. Other than that I listen to a lot of Kendrick Lamar. That dude is crazy to me. Odd Future is another group I really mess with currently. They make real hip hop. It's dope. And lyrically, they're all crazy.

-How do you stay motivated to meet your goals?
I graduated college two years ago and cant get a job for shit. I'm broke as hell working in a restaurant and that is not where I want my life to be at all. I've always written raps and knew I had a talent for it but didn't really take it seriously. But when I started recording I became addicted to it. My father was in a band when I was growing up and he was extremely talented but he kinda just dipped out on my whole family and gave up on a lot of things in his life. I don't want to look back on life like, damn what if I had tried a little bit harder? What could I have accomplished? U kno what I mean. So I'm grinding right now.

-Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
I know it takes years and years of dedication and hard work to make it in this industry, but I believe with my work ethic I can achieve a lot. In 3 years, I would like to be one of the biggest rappers from Baltimore and hopefully have a large enough fan base to land a XXL Freshmen spot. I've always wanted to be on that cover.

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