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Reverbnation Artist Feature: L-Win


L-Win is a dope rap artist from Chicago. What caught me about this "The Sidewalk" track is the old school 90's feel. I'm a sucker for the 90's and his flow is up to date. So you get the new school flow with the 90's sound. This would have to be my favorite track, check him out on Reverbnation here.

We got a chance to speak with L-Win check it

What are you currently working on?
My debut album, “Skylines”. I have released several tapes and two Eps (It’s ME I & II) but this is my first official album. It’s gonna be amazing. I’m so excited for it because it’s the first project where I have consciously molded a sound.

What makes your sound unique?
I am definitely a hybrid of my influences but I must say having my lens of the world, in hand for always searching for a way to express myself, makes for a hell of a sound.
3- What music are you listening too?
I listen to a lot of local music. A lot of music from my peers. I just moved to Cali so I have been really emerging myself in West Coast music. I Spotify though, so I honestly do listen to everything. But yea, I’m trying to make the most of Cali and really take in this West Coast ish.

How do you stay motivated to meet your goals?
It’s all internal. I’m a complete introvert. I do have a feeling of where I have to do this music..but it’s more of a calling. I feel it is my destiny. I don’t know what makes me different then every other artist that feels that way..maybe we all get our moment..what was the question again??

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
Hopefully touring. I would hope in three years I am opening for a major and act. I know when i”m in that position I will really be able to touch a vast amount a people quickly and expose them to my art.

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