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Former Teen Star JoJo suing label Blackground Records

In the mid-2000s, teen sensation JoJo burst onto the scene with hit songs like "Leave (Get Out)," "Baby It's You," and "Too Little Too Late." And then ... nothing.

The 22-year-old R&B singer, who was 13 when she released her first studio album, is suing her label Blackground Records and its subsidiary, Da Family, for keeping her from releasing a new album in seven years. JoJo has reportedly been butting heads with the label for years, and is suing to finally get out of her extended contract. [Insert "Leave, Get Out" and "Too Little Too Late" jokes here.]

THR reports that JoJo filed suit in New York on July 29, attempting to get out of the contract by a New York state law that specifies that minors who sign contracts can not be held to them for more than seven years. JoJo, who has been attempting to release her third album for years, stated in the lawsuit that she has been “dissatisfied with her professional relationship with the Da Family Entities and Blackground for many years,” according to THR.

A statement from JoJo's team on the legal battle reads, "International recording artist JoJo has filed a lawsuit in New York requesting the Court to issue a judicial declaration that she does not owe any further artist services under her 2003 recording contract with Da Family and Blackground Records. JoJo, whose full name is Joanna Levesque, seeks legal confirmation that she is free to sign with a new record label of her choice and exercise full control over the direction of her career."

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