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Spate Magazine interview with Celebrity Trainer Nicole Chaplin

We got a chance to chat with the beautiful Nicole Chaplin. She is a fitness personality and celebrity trainer. She has worked with Wyclef Jean and many more artists. Checkout the exclusive talk below.

When did you first fall in love with fitness?
NC: I first fell in love with fitness when I was a young girl who would roller skate for ours around my neighborhood in Miami, FL. I liked how I felt after because I was always in a good mood and back then I did not know that in the future I was conditioning my body to be at its best at every stage of my life.

I love to workout to hip hop, what type of music do you prefer? Or do you train with music at all?
NC: Yes hip-hop is my first choice of music to workout to, right now I have
NOE “We City Boyz”, Ric Atari “All Day, All Nite”, and Choppa Zoe “Eric Snow” in heavy rotation on my iPod. Then at times when I want to run for time and need a super fast beat I will switch to dance and electronic music.

If a person is about 20 pounds overweight, how long would it take you to whip them into shape?

NC: Determining the speed of weight loss depends on a person’s mindset and fitness level. Aiming to shed one to two pounds a week is a safe and healthy weight-loss trajectory. Therefore, if you lose 2 pounds a week it will take you 10 weeks to lose 20 pounds. Keep in mind that is a standard health guideline and individuals can lose weight at a more rapid pace depending on their health and fitness level.

I hear a lot of people talk about different types of cardio etc.. How much cardio should a person do per week in order to get in shape?
NC: We should strive for two hours and 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week, averaging out to around 30 minutes of exercise each weekday. That will keep you cardio heart healthy and if weight loss is a desire than that time should be increased to work in conjunction with a lower calorie intake.

What is different about your book "YES MAM" that separates it from whats out right now?
NC: “YES MAM! Your Muscle as a Motivator” differentiates itself from other books because each chapter correlates a positive life principle with a muscle group that can be used to accomplish your goals whether you are inside or outside the gym.

Your book seems to have a mental component to it, how important is the mental part of fitness to you?
NC: “YES MAM!” is truly about starting with the mind first to achieve the success you want when tackling your fitness goals. There can be no success in a person’s physique or strength if they do not approach it with the correct mindset. Having the right mind set is mandatory.

How should a person train their mind in order to become fit?
NC: In order to train your mind to become fit, you should first start by writing down your goals and think about why you have the goals you do. If the goals are only to look good on the outside then it usually will not have a lasting effect. Its fine to have the outer layer be important to you but it cannot be the only goal you have. Fitness is about a lifestyle so there should be other components to why you want to become more fit than just the aesthetic aspect of it. You train your mind to think along positive wavelengths that coincide with your goals. It’s a daily process, it never ends.

Being a fit beautiful women I know you get approached on the daily basis by men, what do you look for in a partner?
NC: Thank you for the compliment. I desire a gentleman who loves God, enjoys being active (but does not have to be as active as me), is laced with chivalry, enjoys family and smiles a lot.

When can people purchase your latest book?

NC: YES MAM! is available for purchase now on www.nicolechaplin.com, www.amazon.com, and www.barnesandnoble.com

Where can people find you online? Facebook, twitter, website
I can be found on:


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