Hip Hop News: SPATE On The Verge artists of 2009

SPATE artists on the verge are artists that are successful but need to break that commercial barrier to achieve the ultimate artists success.

1- Sha Stimuli Why? Sha worked really hard in 2008 and 2009 from appearances on BET and MTV and he was unsigned. In 2010 I know he will solidify his fan base and drop more classic music so he can achieve mainstream success. He also dropped his debut album My Soul To Keep with critical acclaim. What does he have to do? Sha has been in the game along time and he has developed a lot of fans. Sha Stimuli is very popular but he hasn't been able to break that commercial barrier. I don't think the public has fallen in love with his music just yet. Sha like many other artists on the verge need that song to take them over the line. That song that people can't deny is the truth. The song must change hip hop in some way and make an impact.

2- Tone Trump Why? He was seen on every blog and website and he dropped an official digital album then sold it in stores. He is still currently promoting his latest project. What does he need to do? Tone Trump has a fan base but he still hasn't produced that song that will change hip hop. Every artist has to create a song that will change hip hop in order to take their careers to the next level. Maino's song was "Hi Hater", Souljaboy's song was "Crank That". Drake's song was "The best I ever had", I can go on and on. Trump needs that song like many other artists.

3- Nicki Minaj Why? Well its obvious her achievements as an unsigned artist but now she is signed to a major and her expectations are high but Nicki did work in 2009.
What does she have to do? Nicki has yet to make a hit by herself. She has to drop a solo record and do some numbers in order for her to take her career to the next level. She has a large fan base but fans and no hits equals no money.

4- Travis Porter Why? They can be heard on you local radio station and they are unsigned. Also, you can see their video's on mostly all popular websites and blogs.
What do they have to do? They currently have a hit record on the radio "Go Shorty" which is being played in Southern markets. They are on their way but they do need to keep the momentum that they currently have. This can be difficult because once their single dies down they must hit the market with another hit song.

5- D. Julien Why? One year ago he was virtually unknown, in 2009 he was seen on allhiphop, hiphopdx, spatemag and a whole bunch of other sites. He developed a strong fan base on his own and he is only 19. You can't forget about the fact that he is one of the nicest up and coming artists in the game. I think D. Julien is one of the most talented new artists I heard in 2009. Much luck in 2010. What does he need to do? D. Julien needs a hit song, whether its a youtube or myspace hit or even a local radio hit. But its all about big records. Once he gets that record he will achieve mainstream success.

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Kent said...

Soon for Djulien I am certain!

Anonymous said...

I agree, if nobody signs him in a minute we will. Thats for sure