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Spate Magazine Exclusive interview with 5ive Star

What's up 5ive Star? This new 'Nicki' video is dope, tell the readers about it.

What's good. Thanks for the love. "Nicki" is that quest to get that fly girl. If you can't have Nicki Minaj....get the next best thing...(laughs)

Creatively what message are you trying to get across with the song and video?

Basically, I took Nicki's name and flipped it to create a song. The video uses a lot of her "personalities" to show females who are similar to Nicki....but not the actual Nicki we might all want...I wanted to keep the video creative and do something different than the norm. The video has been received very well, so I'm thankful to all the fans that are digging it.

You have always been a very diverse artist who uses lyrics as a starting point for your musical message, why is this so important to you?

My feeling is that if you don't use the words in a creative way as an artist then you doing music a disservice. Music is about being creative and making hits. I use my words wisely.

Previously a poet, how does the change in musical genre challenge you?

Making music to me is just another form of expression. There is more structure when you are writing 16s, but to me it's a welcomed challenge. You have to say it all with style. I make sure that style represents me as an artist. I never want to be just another rapper. To me, the challenge is to find greatness.

What are you doing to stand out in today's stagnant state of hip hop & pop music?

You just got to make hit songs. Certainly, they have to represent your style and sometimes you never know which record will be that one. I just keep striving for those records which I love and then hope the fans follow suit. If you love what you do and believe in what you do it will come across in the right way. If I stop getting excited about the music, then I can't expect to capture my audience.

What other creative people inspire your music?

So many people can inspire what you do. From producers to engineers, everyone involved in making a record is an artist. They all participate in making the song go to the next level. The people who create the sound are my inspiration. I think we all inspire one another to get to the top.

Whats next on your agenda?

We are coming hard in 2013. With 4 videos and 2 albums, I have a lot of material to release this year. I can't wait to make the impact 5ive Star is capable of in 2013.

Where can we find you online?

Hit me up on the official website www.5ivestarmusic.com to get all the latest and greatest.

Any last shouts?

I want to thank all the fans who have been so supportive to the 5ive Star movement. I want to let em know it's going to be a fun ride.

5ive Star- Nicki

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