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5 Ways To Use Social Media To Build Your Spotify Followers and Plays

social media for music

Sometimes people get so caught up with doing music, they forget the simple marketing ideas that would help them build a following. So I put together these tips that I have seen work so well for so many people.

1- Post videos on social media and ask people to follow you on Spotify. This is really simple but I can guarantee if you consistently do this your followers with go up.

2- Put the link to your spotify in your bio on your social media. If people are visiting your social media they will definitely click your link to get more information about you. The thing that's important is getting them to follow you. So make you spotify page as pleasing as possible with a great cover image,featured playlist etc...

3- Get your blog or official website working for you. Put your spotify follow button at the top of your page.

4- Create lots of playlists and add your music. The best way to get your music found is mixed in with the popular artists. While people are searching for that artists music, they will find you. So do it very often.

5- Team with other artists and make playlists collaborate and promote them on each others social media. I know its hard to get artists to work together but try contacting them through your managers. Let the managers collaborate and distribute the playlists.

Hopefully this helps to take your spotify to another level.

Antoine King CEO of Spate Media www.antoineking.com

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