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10 Reasons Why Your Rap Career Will Always Be A Dream

It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine. Those were the lines of Biggie Smallz and it still would have been a dream if he didn't meet Diddy. Diddy molded his sound and made him commercially successful. The underdog made it with the help of a marketing genius. So how can a up and coming rapper emulate Biggies success. Well first you have to be the best lyricist in the world. Don't know how easy that's going to be, and you have to know your audience. Diddy knew the audience he wanted for Biggie. He wanted people that listen to R&B/Pop music to love Biggie. Know your audience and you might be able to come close to that success. For those that continue to make music for people that don't exist, here are the top reasons you keep failing.

1- You don't have a budget- Everything takes money and you need a consistent budget, meaning monthly investing. So you need a job or investors and you shouldn't have a lot of other obligations to take you away from the music. You wouldn't start a restaurant business without a large loan so why would you try to start a entertainment business without the proper capital.

2- You can't make hit records- You know a hit when you hear it. It usually gets tons of plays and views because people are constantly sharing and enjoying the music. If you don't get a lot of shares people are just not that into it.

3- You don't have the right producers- Beats are everything right now so make sure you team of with the best producers, these may take a few thousand or as little as a few hundred but its worth it.

4- You didn't properly brand yourself- This means you don't have a logo, website, t shirts, fashion style etc.. If people don't want to dress and be like you then what is it all for. You want to make history and change the world.

5- Your afraid to take chances- Most artists fail 1,000 times before they hit gold so if you are not out there failing and making mistakes you can never win. Make mistakes and set up shows where you lose money and no one shows up. This is how you learn to pack them in. Go out there and fail and continue to fail until you win. This is how business works. You can win every time but you get a education and next time will always be better.

6- You have no connections because you don't network- There are tons of events and things going on in the entertainment industry. You have to get out and talk with people and network. This is how you build relationships in the music business. Everything good that happened to me in the music business is because of a relationship I created a long time ago.

7- You don't have a role model- Every artist has modeled their career after someone. If you don't have a role model it is hard to figure out which direction you should go in. There are enough rappers in the music industry for you to have a role model.

8- Plain and simple your rapping sucks- You have to know what type of talent you have. Some people make great songs and hooks like Fetty Wap and some people put together words well like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. Know where you fit in as far as your rap skills. If you can't take out the hottest rapper with your bars focus on creating great songs with hooks. Find your lane and work it heavy.

9- You don't have enough time-
A day job is very important but you have to have time to make your music career happen. Most artists work nights like bartending, studios or other jobs where you can work at night. The day is spent in the studio and making connections. These types of jobs are more flexible as far as taking days off to tour etc.. Find a day job that is flexible and can meet the demands of your up and down music career. Or find a job in the music business, in the mail room, studios, movie sets etc..

10- Your social media game doesn't exist- Get hot on social media. Get people liking and sharing your videos and content. Take control of your music and get people involved. Talk and communicate with your fans. Get involved with the community and share it online. Look at the videos that are going viral and get involved. I saw a video of a kid playing guitar online and the video went viral. Why not sample the kid playing the guitar and put a beat to it and make a song to it. Be creative and stop procrastinating. Make it happen for yourself.

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