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Black Lives Matter Activist Deray McKesson Running For Mayor Of Baltimore

Deray McKesson has announced he is running for Mayor. I think this is dope because he has a lot of ideas and great things to say. America has to deal with its racial issues and killing unarmed children cannot go on any longer.

(New York Times)
His entry is a step into the mainstream for a national movement that has been criticized for a lack of organized structure and tactics. His candidacy is sure to jolt the political and protest communities at a time when activists have eschewed traditional politics and sought to work outside the system. Mr. Mckesson, a Baltimore native who will run as a Democrat, faces an uphill climb.
He is diving, relatively late, into a crowded race of about a dozen candidates. Among them are prominent black leaders including Nick J. Mosby, a city councilman and the husband of the prosecutor who is trying six police officers in the death of a young black Baltimore man last year, and Sheila Dixon, the former mayor who remains popular even though she left office after a conviction on fraud charges. David L. Warnock, a prominent businessman, also is vying for the nomination.
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