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Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alverez is finally happening

The boxing world is very happy right now because one of the biggest fights this year is going to happen. Cotto vs Alverez is going down Nov 21st and I couldn't be happier. The boxing game is slowly taking a hit because MMA is starting to take over. MMA fights usually have more action and you could get penalized for not going in there and fighting. Boxing is the opposite, its the sweet science of being able to box without getting hit. These crowds that pay their money to see a fight want action. So the sweet science is taking a hit and a big one at that. That's why Cotto fighting Alverez is so important right now. We need two fighters that are going to go head to head and just box. Similar to when your in boxing training and you fight with a tire in the middle of the ring. Each boxer puts one foot inside the tire and no one moves until somebody is hurt. Thats what people want to see. It never works in the favor of the person getting punched in the head the most.