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Troy Ave's team says he had nothing to do with iLoveMakonnen getting punched up

Everybody even me speculated that it was Troy Ave. that beat up iLoveMakonnen at SOB's in NYC but his team spoke out and says their issues were squashed by Drake.

“I left all of that negative s**t alone,” said Hovain Hylton, BSB Co-CEO and Troy Ave’s manager. ”[We] were trying to get him on a remix of “All About The Money,” Hylton stated. He went on to mention all the issues between the two artists were squashed several weeks ago when he spoke to Drake and OVO.

Although Troy Ave threatened Makonnen during their previous war or words exchange on Twitter, Hylton confirms the rapper had absolutely nothing to do with the attack.

“It’s just wack that any time something negative happens now, they think of us. People are going to believe what they will, but BSB had nothing to do with that,” he concluded.