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Rav. P Nominated for Two UMA Awards 2014

Rapper Rav. P has been working hard the past few years to create great content. Not only is he producing some of the best music of his life, he is also creating viral videos and making new fans everyday. Playing to sold out crowds at SOB's on multiple occasions Rav. P is definitely ready for the next level. With a new EP coming in September and the Underground Music Awards event also in September this year will end on a groundbreaking note.

Rav. P doesn't promote violence in his music basically its all about being fly and staying hungry which is his official website www.beflystayhungry.com The phrase sums up Rav. P's whole career. No matter what obstacles Rav. P has faced over the years, he is still here making music. It's all about the love for Rav. P because he never wanted to create false images of being rich or a killer. Rav. P's music is also very conscious with constant images of creating a better life for yourself and family. He has been nominated for 2 UMA Awards in the categories of "Male Most outstanding artist" and "Best Video". If you support groundbreaking positive music you can vote for Rav using the links below.

Scroll down to vote here or use these links:

Click here to vote for Rav. P in the "Outstanding artist of the year" category
Click here to vote for Rav. P in the "Best video" category


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