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Sponsored Video: Have #TheBestSummerEver with the Malibu Project

Start your summer off with a bang. The best Coconut Rum Malibu has kicked off a campaign where you can create your #TheBestSummerEver list and more. Everyone wants to take advantage of the great weather but Malibu has a way to help organize your summer and have fun doing it. Malibu has put together some of the summers top experiences in one tool that will help you make a top list you can share with your friends. I know what I want to do this summer and that includes some serious beach time with the family. There are definitely some cookouts I will be attending and I have a few other things on my list. One of the things I really enjoy is photography so I will be doing a lot of that this summer. I would love to travel to different City's and just take pictures of the main attractions. I think that would be great. One of my favorite places to travel is Miami, I would love to go there and take a long boat ride and take pictures. That would be so much fun.

Not only will you be able to create a top list, you can join in the fun. On July 17, Malibu will be launching a show on Youtube that follows 5 friends on the great adventure to tackle their top 5 list for the summer. The show will follow them for 40 days traveling all over the world from London to Miami.

So what would be your top 5 list to have #TheBestSummerEver? I'm going to make mine right now but here is how you can join in with all the summer fun.

1- Create a #TheBestSummerEver list
2- Share and take it on with your friends
3- Subscribe and watch the show by clicking here

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