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Spate Magazine Exclusive interview with Odoub


What's up Odoub? For those new to the name let the readers know who you are and what you do.

I'm sure most will be new to the name being that I was best known for my work as part of the group No Good People, but now I'm doing my own thing trying to get the "Odoub" name popping. I been in the game a long time and honestly that is one of my biggest advantages as a "New" artist trying to my buzz up in a flooded industry. I've been around, had success, and made mistakes that I actually have the opportunity to learn from this time around. Who I am is a writer at heart. I write whatever I'm feeling at the moment. I don't want to be boxed into any one specific genre. I just make the music that I would want to hear because I think for a long time I focused on making what I thought other people wanted to hear and it just made shit confusing. I like to think that I am very versatile with my pen game and thats good because the same old shit gets boring when you do it over and over again. I might hit you with a real hip hop boom bap record then follow that up with some crazy electro pop shit that had my head knocking at the time. It is what it is, and what it is is just Music. Good Music.

As an emcee on the come up who are some of your influences and why?

My influences are pretty wide spread I think. I was introduced to hip hop at a young age by my brother who is 4 years older then me so I basically was just listening to whatever he listened to at that time. West Coast hip hop had a big part in my early upbringing. I actually have a home video of me and my brother in bandanas and flannels doing some Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg songs in the mirror. I grew up in Richmond Hill Queens New York mind you. I also have to credit my brother for putting me on to "Underground" hip hop and dudes like Eminem, Non Phixion, Necro, Aesop Rock, and those kind of artists. Without getting put on to that I don't think I would be the emcee I am today. I admire artists like LL Cool J and Jay-z because they have been able to stand the test of time and make good music without really losing who they are in the process. Like I said I'm influenced by a lot of artists and just go getter types. I respect a dude like 50 cents business mind or a dude like Lil Waynes work ethic. I don't have to whole heartedly like an artists music but I will never knock another mans hustle.

You put a huge emphasis on the lyrical presentation of your music, do you feel that is missing in today's market and how has the feedback to your music been thus far?

I think any emcee wants to be the best emcee they can be. I was just lucky enough to come up during a time when emcees were really spitting. I'm not saying that some don't still spit now, but its not the same. As an artist being able to write a good song is the key to all of this but I think anyone would agree that there is nothing like dropping a dope 16 that just tears the room down. Nothing in the world. Lyrically I try to reach other places with this sometimes and end up getting the Eminem comparison or just comparisons in general because I try to prove that I'm at that level or upper echelon lyrically. Don't get me wrong I don't want to hear that all the time. Sometimes depending on the atmosphere I just want to hear or write some simple head rocking shit just like everyone else. I think some artists out now still keep it lyrical like Kendrick, Pusha T and some of these guys but for the most part I think its lost its flare in todays industry. If your looking for artists who still spit they are out there you just have to know where to look.

You have opened for several artists such as Lady Gaga, Joe Budden, Pitbull and many more, what can fans expect from an Odoub performance and how have these opportunities helped create an awareness for your brand?

I like to put a lot of Energy into a live show. I think a show is and should always be just that a show. No one wants to pay money and sit and watch you stand there and rap, why would they? Don't get me wrong sometimes the situation is just not permitting to put on a full show and thats understandable. Sometimes the shows are empty and stages are small with terrible sound but you got to take that on the chin and make it happen.I firmly believe that the artist is only half of the show honestly. The crowd plays just as big a part as the artist in most cases. If the artists energy isn't returned by the crowd then shit can be wack, but if the crowd comes with the same or more energy then the artist, its a party. Doing shows and touching the fans is so important these days with all the internet promotions and social media outlets. You talk to people from around the world who support what you do daily but its bigger when your actually there in their home town showing respect back to them. Live shows and Touring is a must in todays industry and in my opinion the best way to build a solid core fan base.

You have also toured overseas extensively with the legendary Parrish Smith of EPMD, what did you learn from the touring world and how was the acceptance of your music overseas?

Yea I was lucky enough to get to tour Europe with "The Goondox" made up of another member of No Good People Sean Strange, Parrish Smith of EPMD, and Germanys own the SnowGoons.It was a amazing experience to say the least. Music is different out there. The people still love it like we used too. I met fans that I would have never known existed if we never did those tours. I remember standing on stage and having some kid from who knows where holding up his iPod with my music in it. That was real. I'm just some kid from New York who makes music and somehow it made its way all the way out here. It's kind of crazy when you think about it. I get a lot of love over sea's and I appreciate the music scene out there entirely. Its like a different world. Let's not get it twisted tho, touring isn't all fun and games when you literally go from country to country night to night and have deadlines to keep. Touring is the definition of grinding really if you think about it. You leave home with X in your pocket and your gone for 2 months with nothing but some CD's and T-shirts to keep you alive. That's some Man vs Wild shit.

As a new emcee who has had the opportunity to perform on NBC, BET and A&E, how has that experience played into your career?

I'm just grateful for the opportunity to be honest. Things like that don't really get highlighted often and people don't walk up to me like "Didn't I see you on Rap City on BET" or "Was that your song on A&E intervention." That's really just more for my resume and to show people that I'm here and I'm hungry. Give me an opportunity and as long as it makes sense to me at the time I'll try to make the best of it. I do think it shows people that I'm about my business and I'm not just some asshole who posts songs on Facebook all day. I try to think outside the box and sometimes if its crazy enough it just works out.

You have also seen great success in the licensing world, most recently with an NFL placement. Explain what that was, how it happened and how its helped you.

I recently licensed 2 songs to the NFL for their 2013 Super Bowl week festivities. The Songs were used on the NFL Networks morning show
"NFL AM." My new Single "Stepping Time" was used on a dance segment with the Dancing with the Stars champion Drew Lachey, NFL star Jacoby Jones and more. Another song was used during the opening credits later in the week spliced in with a football montage which was pretty dope for me being a football fan my whole life. I initially submitted a song called "The Champ is Here" which they liked. They asked me for more records so I made one with my people at Stone Brown Studios and I gave them my new single. "The Champ is Here" was never used but the other 2 records were and I'm not mad at that.

You also have seen success on radio and have garnished several spins for previous records you have been a part of. What do you feel its going to take for the music world to identify you as a talent to invest in?

I have seen a good amount of radio play thus far in my career. I have been on Top 40 radio count downs all over the country in between Lady Gaga and Chris Brown.Also I have been all over College radio, Sirius Satellite radio, Pandora, Spotify, and all that. I think as long as I keep doing what I'm doing Im gonna be fine in this industry because I got a lot of talent and just as much drive. The more outlets I get the better. I cant just sit around and wait for people to invest in me so I invest in myself and hope one day it all pays off.

What's next on Odoubs agenda?

Im getting ready to drop "THE OFFICIAL EP" in April 2014 followed up by my Freestyle series Beat Bully Season 2. I will be working on a video for my Single "Stepping Time" Ft Devo D produced by Mighty Fuzz Young with The Program LLC and Joseph Puma so keep an eye out for that. Other then that I'm just gonna keep it moving and chase the dream.

Where can we find you online?

Odoub "Romeo and Juliet"

ODoub ft Jay Gill, Sean Strange & Raida of NGP, So Sick Social Club & Salome' "Losing My Mind"

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