Being one of the most creative media brands. We have created viral campaigns that have garnered millions of views. We can create a custom campaign so your brand can go viral.

Contact: Antoine King about our creative custom viral campaigns.

Banner ads available

In Video Ads

Over 1 million impressions monthly

With millions of impressions every month Spate Media can target your brand to our audience. Some advertising options include

- Banner ads
- In video ads Over 1 million impressions per month
- Email marketing
- Custom video ads

- Music promotion with our podcast Click Here For Podcast Rates
- Sponsor pages
- Advertise on our Live TV Channel Spate Music TV

Sponsor Pages

Interviews and invideo, audio ads are a great way to bring brand awareness. Our Live TV Channel reaches millions worldwide

Audio ads

Reach our growing audience of live listeners on Spate Radio Stream and app

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